Apical President Dato' Yeo How speaks at Financial Times Commodities Asia Summit 2021

Apical Group President Dato’ Yeo shared his views at a panel themed “Is there anything super about this commodity price cycle?” at the @Financial Times Commodities Asia Summit on 16 November 2021.

Dato’ Yeo was joined by other distinguished panelists from Tribeca Investment Partners, Macquarie Group and Argonaut Funds Management. The session was moderated by Neil Hume, Natural Resources at the Financial Times.

The Financial Times Asia Commodities Summit 2021 was attended by more than 1,200 delegates representing 750 companies from 73 countries. In conjunction with the Commodities Asia Summit, Mr Bey Soo Khiang, Vice Chairman, RGE and Mr Pratheepan Karunagaran, Executive Director, Apical Group, also co-hosted with the FT, a private roundtable with a group of international and regional banks to deep dive into the topic of how banks and clients from the resources industry can be partners on the sustainability journey.

Apical Group is one of the largest palm oil exporters in Indonesia, owning and controlling a broad spectrum of the palm oil business value chain from sourcing to distribution. The company is also involved in the refining, processing of palm oil for domestic use and for international export. Its operations are located in Indonesia, China and Spain, and include six refineries, four biodiesel plants, two oleo chemical plants and a kernel crushing plant. Through joint ventures, Apical also has tolling and distribution operations in India, Pakistan, Philippines and Brazil. Apical’s business is built on an extensive sourcing network in Indonesia with integrated refinery assets in strategic locations. This is reinforced by efficient logistics channels supported by Apical’s own infrastructure to deliver to a wide range of clients from international trading houses to local industrial buyers. With its unique business model, Apical has been able to control product quality and address sustainability and food safety concerns, while running highly efficient operations in world-class refineries and integrated storage and bulking facilities.

Apical Group is part of the global group of companies managed by RGE.

Visit the Apical website at https://www.apicalgroup.com

The video recording is courtesy of Financial Times.

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