Are investment groups killing US newspapers? | FT Big Deal

Today about half of America’s newspapers are controlled by private equity, hedge funds and other investment groups. But as the FT’s James Fontanella-Khan explains, one name stands above the rest: Alden Global Capital. The Alden recipe is to get rid of the newsroom, sell the real estate, and viciously cut costs. Critics say it’s destroying local newspapers, but Alden says it’s saving them.

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  1. Politico was bought just recently by a German Media conglomerate Axel Springer that has a Zionist agenda (they make employees swear allegience to israel) because … shocker, the german conglomerate is 43% owned by 3 jewish american wallstreet private equity elites. You read what they allow you to read. Support independant media.

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  3. Dunno. My general impression about US media is that nothing of value is being lost there either way. Salvaging some real estate seems to be the most reasonable thing to do.

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