German Deaths Pass 100,000; EU to Propose Travel Limit

Germany passed 100,000 Covid-19 deaths as the European Union said it will recommend a 9-month time limit for the validity of vaccinations for travel into the bloc. Bloomberg Intelligence’s Sam Fazeli has the latest.

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  1. wonder how many pharma shares he has been rewarded…………… Think people need to start checking the back pockets on these "experts" government MP's and data analyst see who's receiving the extra cash. I had covid easy Lemsip and a shot of captain Morgans few hours in bed.

  2. When i got my 1 shot johnson and johnson i thought 1 and done. Not constant seasonal shots. The vaccine gave me heart inflamation and now palpatations. No thanx

  3. Don’t allow for digital passports. Purpose is unrelated to health, everything to do with establishment of authoritarian controls over citizens (controls via digital currency, tracking, lockdown, etc)

  4. At these times, you cannot help but revert to your religious instincts. This only strengthens my faith in Darwinism.

  5. A pandemic of the unvaccinated.
    Covid is real. Wear a mask. Get vaccinated. Don't believe the covid denier / anti vax lies.
    Gullible people believe the lies. What a bunch of scammers.
    Natural selection will cull the weak and those that do not believe in science and scientists.
    The Delta virus will find everyone eventually.

  6. Gibraltar's 99% v rate proves the v is inefective and these mandates are a joke. Call a duck a duck, the western world is inflating away its debt and is imposing totalitarian policies to keep people from noticing they can't afford to fly anywhere anymore.

  7. Cases have gone down everywhere, it’s almost non existent yet the media and government keep making up these lies that cases are astronomical. Time to hold the media and government responsible and bring charges against them both.

  8. Amazing how much back peddling on the efficacy of the vaccines. “Never intended to prevent infection” what a pile of bullshit.

  9. While the United States is dealing with holiday surge Europe is also dealing with holiday surge Germany problem is that nobody was vaccinated nobody wearing mask that’s why more then 100000 deaths reported from Coronavirus because nobody was vaccinated and that’s how that’s are about to change

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