How China’s CEOs Sold Stock At The Right Time

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In China, there is no better sell-signal than when the president, starts attacking an industry.
So when Xi said in March that home-schooling was a “stubborn malady” that was putting too much pressure on Chinese children and their parents, the executives of two Chinese tutoring companies dumped their shares in New York according to records found by the FT.

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  2. In Russia the law passed this year, addressing the same problem of risk disclosure. The idea is that people should not just read some disclosure document, but pass a written or electronic test based on the facts and math disclosed in the document.

    That is pretty formal though and not required for the qualified investor status for example. It might seems reasonable, but here one of the qualifying criteria is just about 100k $ in net financial securities and cash.

  3. Sure you do not own actual shares of a Chinese company on the NYSE. But you can still be guaranteed to be able to liquidate your Alibaba shares whenever you want, right ?

  4. I was wondering why I read multiple Pinduoduo insiders sold stock in the last 3 months but couldn't see it on the SEC site. I thought they were acting illegally, guess its all above board then……..

  5. Oh, we had to invest in Nigerian Prince Co, it is part of the index, and you should see the future earnings guidance they give. Also, Cathy Wood said it is the future and bought some. Reply: OMG yes, XYZ state pension fund would like to place 10B with you, we need to make up for the previous bad investments we made through your advice.

  6. Many politicians from washington is doing the same thing.

    I guess nobody cares about insidertrading anymore :))

  7. Chinese CEO's have the same rules as members of the FED or politicians…… that is why insider trading for them are legal…I also wonder what they can do against insider trading by the FED or politicians?

  8. Terms of service and disclosures should only be binding if you have to pass a quiz on what you just read showing that you actually understand.

  9. Why allow Chinese company's to list in the USA/Canada stock exchanges in the first place. Most of us know that the CCP has total
    say over their company's in the first place. We saw what happened to Jack Ma. With all the crimes that China is doing , think Uyghurs, HK,
    Tibet, Taiwan and the list goes on. Really find this annoying, just kick them out.

  10. Chinese companies are audited by international accounting firms like pcw, doilette or kpmg. Why would they not be interested in a good reputation? And why should US institutions make up "exceptional" rules? Is there a certain reason why the US should get more information than any other country with regard to trade secrets?

    In addition what is the history of these VIE structures? Are they only used by chinese companies? If I buy ADR shares I don't buy origional shares either. The chinese government probably never approved these VIE structures probably invented by Wallstreet. And given history of brutal foreign intervention, I would be hasitent to sell out own companies to western shareholders if I were China.

    And it is possible for retail investors to buy A-shares in China today. Would it be possible to make a video about A-shares you can buy in Shenzen?

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