Many Chinese Developers to Default in 2022, Economist Collier Says 

Andrew Collier, economist at Global Source Partners, discusses the prospects for China’s real estate market and the overall economy. China’s economy continues to slow in November as the housing market crisis drags... Read more »

Inflation is 'close to peaking,' according to Economist Mark Zandi

#inflation #stocks #investing Moody’s Analytics Chief Economist Mark Zandi joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss how the pandemic affected the global supply chain, causing inflation and higher prices. Don’t Miss: Valley of... Read more »

[한국 밖에서 본 한국] Foreign Policy, Financial Times, Economist [강혜신의 오늘의미국 11.7.21 LA시간]

00:00 오프닝 01:46 한국골프장, 일본 자동차 금지와 미국입장 08:11 새로운 직장안전전법, 외국회사에 알람 16:14 한국은 젊은이를 위한 나라는 아니다 25:52 왜 한국젊은이들이 속옷 속에서 포즈를 취하나 #한국밖에서보는 한국 #중대재해법 #한국젊은이 Read more »